Cameron Fraker, CFP®

Cameron Fraker, CFP®

Vice President, LPL Financial Advisor

My name is Cameron Fraker and I am currently the Vice President of Johlfs Wealth Management and have been associated with the company since 2017. My time during the workday is spent in front of clients as well as handling operations and software management.  I enjoy spending time creating efficiencies both for Johlfs Financial Group as well as for the clients we serve. I am currently working on my education in hopes to further benefit our clients through the financial planning process. Outside of work, I spend time playing ice hockey as well exploring Colorado with my wife Kelsey.

What is your favorite food in Denver, Colorado?

While not a local cuisine, my favorite food would have be French food. We love to go to local spots like Coohills and Bon Ami!

We often talk to clients about their goals, what is currently on your bucket list?

There are too many items on my bucket list to count.... but one I hope to check off very soon is going to Italy with my wife to explore where her family is from.

What made you want to become a Financial Advisor?

I began my career at Fidelity and knew I wanted to work in investments..... but not sure in what capacity. After a short time, I realized I wanted to work with clients on an ongoing basis and help them achieve their financial goals.

What is your favorite sport to play in Colorado?

Golf, most certainly. Believe it or not, it is one of the few activities that can be done pretty much year round!