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Financial planning. Optimized.
We optimize your financial life, so you can thrive.

Tailored financial plan and investment portfolios designed to meet your unique needs.

Best Interest Duty
We provide professional recommendations in a product-agnostic environment.

Alpha (value) generation to help maximize your benefit from our relationship.

We implement tailor-made financial plans from a CFP® professional.

We provide investment management services from a CFA charter holder.

We deliver this to you in our gold standard service model.

We do all of this for around 1% management cost per year.

We are all about financial freedom.
Johlfs Financial Group is a team of fiduciary advisors working to optimize your financial life. We are accountable to you and work collaboratively in an authentic environment. We work on your behalf to curate and implement a plan for your financial freedom – however it may look for you.

Our approach is simple.
We lead with strategies, not products. In fact, we make objective recommendations that we believe are in your best interest.


The Expedition Portfolio provides an investment vehicle for Coloradans to support the businesses, people, and community in which they live. The goal is to create a unique and meaningful way for investors to support their home state. Click here to learn more.

2022/2023 Tax Season
The official tax season starts at the end of January and the deadline to file is April 18, 2023. In order to meet all IRS deadlines, reduce errors, and reduce the need to mail corrected versions, LPL Financial will be mailing the 1099 Consolidated Tax Statements in weekly phases. Click below to learn more!



"I became a financial advisor because I believe in the power of planning, positive habits, and self-progress….this is the path to financial freedom which is one of the greatest of liberators”.


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