Richard Romlin, CFA

Richard Romlin, CFA

Advisor Assistant, Director of Portfolio and Investment Research

My name is Rich Romlin, CFA.  As an advisor assitant I'm passionate about providing support to our advisor that help clients manage their investment goals and needsand I spent 10 years at United Capital developing and building both modeled portfolios and customized investment portfolios comprised of Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Alternatives. My experience includes dedicated efforts in portfolio management, investment, and economic analysis. I have now lived in Colorado for 17 years. My wife and I have two young children and we are avid skiers.

Describe Your Ideal Vacation:
My ideal trip would be to travel to a beach resort somewhere with the family...such as Hawaii, Florida or Mexico. One day (hopefully in the near future) I would love to take a Pacific Coast Highway road trip from Seattle to L.A. with various overnight stays to explore along the way. Lastly, I would like to take more trips to Europe to explore the beautiful countries.

Favorite Food In Denver?
Sushi from Izakaya Den, or Sushi Den. Denver gets surprisingly fresh sushi. Don't worry, I enjoy eating at some of the local steak houses on special occasions too.

What Do Your Weekends Look Like?
In the summer, traveling up to the mountains with the family to bike, hike and enjoy the beautiful mountain breeze. In winter we love to ski, Vail especially.

What Was Your Very First Job?
Believe it or first job was as a bank teller in high school. It kicked off my path in the Finance/banking world...I have always been a numbers guy.

What Is A Fun Fact About You?
I was born and raised in Minnesota where my immediate family, extended family and high school friends still live. I try to get back to visit as much as I can. It is a place I cherish very deeply.