Personal Documents

Income Tax returns for previous two years, including W-2's and 1099's

Wills and Powers of Attorney for healthcare and financial decisions

Trust Agreements

Social Security benefit statement if available

Major asset purchase details

Cash Flow Worksheet

Employer Documents

Two most recent paystubs

Employee benefits booklets

Retirement savings plans available through employer

Pension plans

Bank or Credit Union Statements

Checking account statements

Savings / CDs / Money Market account statements

Loan documents including mortgage

Credit Card statements

Broker or Mutual Fund Company Statements

Latest monthly or quarterly statements for all active accounts

Insurance Policy Documents

Latest life insurance policy information and annuity account statements

Health insurance / hospital & major medical policy information

Disability income insurance policy information

Property & Casualty policy information

Long-Term Care policy information

Business Files

Buy-Sell Agreements

Income tax returns

Deferred Compensation Agreements

Stock / Options / Bonus Plans