The Professional Referral Network Offers two Affiliation Options, Depending On The Type Of Business Professional Partners Would Like To Refer (Brokerage vs. Advisory) And Whether They Want To Have An Ongoing Relationship or Simply Refer A Client:

Promoter Professional (PP)

In exchange for new client referrals, referring promoters receive ongoing compensation for those clients who open and maintain LPL fee-based investment advisory programs, i.e., Optimum Market Portfolios (OMP), Strategic Asset Management (SAM), Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP), etc.

Limited Securities Professional (LSP)

The program enables professionals to share in brokerage or brokerage and advisory business, and allows them to remain active in the client relationship, subject to the parameters of the agreement with their advisor partner and LPL.

Benefits for the Advisor & Professional

  • The ability to transform a traditional business model into a full-service model
  • Business building, networking, and additional referral opportunities
  • Expanded value-added tools and services to offer your clients and prospects
  • The competitive advantage of providing clients with access to a wide range of sophisticated investment products and services

Benefits for Clients

  • Access to a full range of wealth management strategies
  • Confidence in knowing their trusted professionals are working together toward their goals

Important Items to Note

  •  The limited securities professional must hold all the same licenses as their LPL advisor partner, with the exception of supervisory licenses (Series 26 and/or 24)
  •  LPL will sponsor the applicant to take any additional required securities exams, pending review and approval of the application
  •  The revenue share is negotiated between the professional and his or her LPL advisor partner


What is the difference between the Promoter (PP) and Limited Securities Professional (LSP) affiliation options within the Professional Referral Network?

A: The Limited Securities Professional program is for professionals who are licensed as a registered representative or as a registered representative and an investment advisor representative (IAR), receiving a portion of securities commissions or both securities commissions and advisory fees for which they are appropriately licensed. LPL will provide assistance to those who wish to attain a securities license and LPL will hold the registration of the licensed limited securities professional. The Promoter Program allows professionals to receive a portion of advisory fees for the referral of investment advisory clients to an LPL Financial advisor. The promoter acts solely as a promoter for the purpose of introducing and referring a prospective client to the LPL Financial advisor for investment advisory services. The referring promoter is not authorized to provide ongoing asset management services or investment advice to any client or prospective client on behalf of LPL Financial or the LPL Financial advisor.

What is the professional’s expected level of participation as an advisor in the Limited Securities Professional program?

A: Professionals in this program may take a more active role in their client relationships; investment advice and recommendation may be provided. The level of participation in the investment process and percentage of shared revenue should be negotiated between the limited securities professional and their LPL advisor partner.

How is the promoter compensated?

A: The LPL investment advisor representative (IAR) and the referring promoter will agree to the referral fee arrangement in advance of any client referrals. Compensation is documented through an LPL disclosure form given at the time of the referral and signed by the client. Once the fee-based advisory account is activated, the payment will be calculated and sent directly to the promoter by LPL Financial, concurrent to the financial advisor receiving compensation. The compensation arrangement will continue as long as the client’s investment advisory account remains open, or until the alliance is terminated by either party.


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