Johlfs Wealth Management (JWM) is a full-service investment firm. Depending on your needs, investment objectives, and overall goals, we may assist you with brokerage services, investment advisory services, or in many cases - both. There are important differences to each including cost and the services we provide. Choosing the right investment accounts are a personal choice and your options should be taken seriously. As an Investment Advisory Client, we proudly offer a comprehensive list of services at a competitive fee, around 1% per year:

FeatureTransactional (Brokerage) RelationshipInvestment Advisory Relationship
Weekly Market Watch NewsletterXX
Educational Seminars & Engaging WebinarsXX
In-Person Social EventsXX
Community InvolvementXX
Gold Standard Client Service ModelXX
Access to Resources, Tools & ResearchXX
Cash, Banking & Lending SolutionsXX
Individual Buy/Sell Transaction CostsX 
Ongoing Review Meetings X
Annual Advisory Management Cost X
Proactive Advice and Monitoring X
Custom Portfolios Designed by our in-house CFA X
Discretionary Investment Management by our in-house  CFA X
Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing X
Financial Planning Services by a CFP® Professional X
Retirement Planning X
Tax Planning  X
Estate Planning X
Divorce Planning Services by a CDFA® Professional X
Access to Financial Planning Software X
Business Planning Strategies X
Goal Planning (Home Purchase, College Funding) X
Gifting Strategies X
Asset Protection & Lifetime Income Strategies X
Risk Management Strategies X

Tiered Advisory Cost

At JWM, our mission is to optimize your financial life and add value to your situation so you can profit from our advice. Ideally, we’re paying for ourselves in the process. Examples of such optimization are; increased alpha (additional portfolio returns, risk-adjusted), tax efficiencies, debt restructuring, strategic use of capital, and other planning and investment strategies.

Our compensation is based on an annual advisory management cost. We use a tiered cost structure where the annual management cost declines as the assets under management increases (see chart). This is an all-inclusive benefit; The annual advisory management cost covers comprehensive financial planning by a CFP® professional, comprehensive investment management by a CFA charter holder, and our gold-standard client service model.